With a migrant friendly community of founders & creators, accountability, live mentorship, and a way-finder to navigate startup the ecosystem and venture building. Build lifelong meaningful relationships, and the skill set you need to become who you need to be so your business flourishes.


Live mentoring that’s culturally accessible


Grow personally & professionally with the right tools


Learn and grow with a migrant friendly community of founders and creators


Build meaningful relationships in a community that cares about you and your hustle

Your journey starts here

If you are reading this you probably have an idea, a business or hustle with a vision, or you are on a mission to change the world. Never lose that spark! The world needs you now more than ever.

Navigating any business can be challenging at times. We know there are all kinds challenges for emerging or first time migrant/refugee founders and creators to build a business, a side hustle or startup that aligned with their purpose. 

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Most Businesses Fail

It’s estimated about 9 in 10 startups fail in the first 10 years. While 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. 

42% No market need
29% Ran out of cash
23% Not the right team
19% Get out competed
18% Price/Costing issues
17% Poor product offering
17% - Busines model issues

*Based on an anlysis of 101 startups post mortems, source CB Insights

It can be though

As a migrant/refugee these factors are multiplied with the cultural challenges like language and cultural differences, visa constraints, lack of local experience, lack of business experience unemployment / underemployment make it even harder. Diving deeper, we find its:

  • Hard to find business advice, it’s often hit or miss
  • Typically, too expensive for first time founders
  • Theres an overwhelming amount of info and miss-info out there
  • Uncommon to build momentum alone 
  • Difficult to find ongoing culturally accessible and affordable services in a migrant-friendly community 
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Don't Fake it Till You Make It

There Is A Better Way

You dont have to go it alone

Grow With 

Uncommon Fellowship

This is a club-based fellowship where you are equipped to go further faster with those that enable you to succeed. Through tailored startup growth advice, peer accountability, the tools, and the network you need to become who you need to be so your business can flourish.

In this fellowship, you will be assigned to be part of a group of driven people with a shared milestone – ‘a club’, e.g. reaching their 1st 1000 customers or users. While being surrounded by a like-minded community of business leaders, changemakers who deeply understand the migrant context and want you to succeed. Our catalyst community doesn’t just care about how well your business does but also cares about how you grow, and the person you become. So you can fast-forward your startup journey or scale your business to the next level.

Apply while places are still open. We only have 4 intakes a year.

What You Get


Tailored Mentoring

Not all mentoring is equal, don't risk your time or money.

Uncommon Fellowship is a safe space where you can authentically connect with diverse people who share a similar story. Many of our mentors and members are South-East Asian or from Latin America, some former international students. So we understand the migrant and business context well.


Find Your Business Buddy

Build momentum with support and peer acoutnablity

Having a support system is essential. Do you need a new perspective? Have you missed self-imposed deadlines? We will pair you up with a founder or creator that is complimentary to you. A business buddy you can journey along with you, bounce off ideas and hold each other accountable.    


Drop in Labs

Dive into key topics, learn faster with feedback in community

Our clinic from our subject-matter experts will address all key focus areas of starting a business:

  • Startup legal
  • startup finance
  • startup growth marketing
  • digital marketing
  • startup accounting
  • community growth, and more once a month


Navigate the Startup Ecosystem with Confidence

Find what you need when you need it

With a streamlined knowledge base to help you navigate the startup ecosystem and hit the ground running. Avoid hours trolling the internet, trying to find what’s credible & suitable. Our knowledge wiki includes

  • Industry-standard tools, worksheets and mini guides, including a 30-day pocket startup guide
  • Find the tech stack you need, including no-code tools used by the top startups 
  • Find curated articles, videos, guides, tips for every stage of your startup journey and more – find the right information 


Goal-Based Community App

Join your cohort on the journey with our community goal based app*

Our user-friendly app will enable us to connect with members while you journey and track your goals.  So you can

  • Build traction and relationships as you move towards your goals
  • Easily find allies and accountability partners 
  • Save time & money with our way-finder tool to discover the next steps on your founder journey
  • Fast-forward your personal and professional growth with our mentor (successful startup founders who know what it takes)

* The pre-alpha version is in development and should be ready by time of launch

Who is this for

Whether you have dabbled with a side hustle, worked in a large corporate firm, worked at a startup or don’t have a technical background. We are industry agnostic, but if you are building a social enterprise or innovation driven business we encourage you to apply. 


Early Stage Startups or Freelancers (Creators)

If you are at the MVP plus stage you can learn how to grow and scale your startup or side hustle to be your main business with mentors who have been in your shoes before.


Grow from Small Business to the Moon

Learn what it takes to grow your business into a financially sustainable brand that is aligned to your purpose.

🤵🏾 👨🏾‍🎓🕵🏾‍♀️

Solo Founders to Founding Teams

From solo founders to teams of 5 we have a place for you. In fact, if you have a leadership team we recommend they attend

We build bridges not walls

This program is open to all founders. But our program is geared to help emerge migrant/refugee founders and creators (freelancers) who want to build a business that solves real-world problems. So we do prioritise the following groups. 

💁🏽‍♂️ Refugees & Asylum Seekers

💁🏽 First Peoples

🌏 International Students​


Whether you have dabbled with a side hustle, worked in a large corporate firm, worked at a startup or don’t have a technical background. We help first-time or emerging migrant/refugee founders and creators who want to build business that solve real world problems. Each club has access to the following for 11 months every year. 


1. Connect

Join a club to connect with your mentor, peer buddy and cohort in the community on a regular basis.  


2. Fully Engage

Engage with the highly experienced mentors, optional masterclasses, and community in our Facebook group.  


3. You Grow as Your Business Grows

It’s not just about the theory you learn, it’s about the people you do it with. The meaningful networks as you grow your idea or business.



Get 50% off for life as the first

100 Founding Members

Who join our free community & apply before 21 February 2023

Choose your plan

We are now accepting applications until the 21 Feb 2023 11:59pm. Apply to join our Fellowship if you meet the criteria. 

* The pre-alpha version of our community based app is in the pipeline but pay not be ready in time. You can only cancel and get a refund within 30 days if you have a valid reason outside change of mind, or other work priorities. 



Per month

UC Basic


every 3 months or $120/m for


UC Team

Tailored Pricing


Founding Teams


Most frequent questions and answers

No you don’t. This is technically not a requirement. 

Absolutely not! We encourage international students to apply. 

It is entirely up to you. We suggest spending 3-6 hours every week minimum to learn, network and build momentum. There may be up to 2 live sessions per week. That will be recorded in case you miss it. 

Of course, you can spend more time building your business or hustle.

Yes you get 10% off if someone you referred joins our program. 

You can claim if the person you referred  indicates it on our application form. Or mentions it to us by emailing contact@uncommon

Yes you can. We build bridges not walls. 

Although, we prioritise 1st generation migrants and refugees. We support everyone if we have capacity. 

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