Our story

Uncommon Collective is a community-driven venture that enables and amplifies emerging entrepreneurs with those that enable them to flourish.

Through the ongoing tailored business advice, peer accountability, community and tools they need to become who they need to be so that their business can flourish. In a community of changemakers, experienced mentors and investors that deeply the migrant context. 

Our hope is to help make the uncommon (authentic collaborative community, peer accountability, mentorship that enables you and your business to flourish) commonplace for all emerging founders and creators. 

Our Leadership Team

Elijah D'souza

Founder & CEO

Marcus Valles

Strategic Business Advisor

Our Experienced Mentors


To lead the movement of a catalyst community that enables flourishing migrants business, networks, and lives to become commonplace.


To amplify 1 million emerging migrant founders build flourishing businesses and lives. With the community, social-accountability and tailored advice they need to flourish. 



  • Innovation and impact-driven
  • Curiosity & Courage
  • Community
  • Redemptive & Purpose-driven
  • Individual sovereignty

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