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9 in 10 startups fail in the first 10 years

50% of businesses fail after five years in business. 

Given the high failure rates the path to entrepreneurship can be daunting. You might be feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by the process or your lack progress – building a team, securing funding, navigating legalities. It’s enough to make you want to give up before make it. Below are just some of the reasons startups/businesses fail.

42% No market need
35 % Business model or pricing issues
29% Ran out of cash
23% Not the right team

*Based on an anlysis of 101 startups post mortems, source CB Insights

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Diving deeper we find that many early stage founders and creatives struggle with; lack of time, information overload, difficulty navigating next steps, isolation, financial pressure.




The Build Your Business (BYB) Challenge in 60 Days

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The BYB challenge is a 8 week hybrid boot camp that equips founder like you with expertise, tools and mindset you need to succeed beyond theory. So you can flourish with those that enable you to succeed. We help you break free from the feast-or-famine cycle, build your business and a brand that resonates, with sustainable momentum and growth. You’ll gain access to proven guidance and a supportive community to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. The top 3 start-ups will win the below. 

First Place Winner
– ~1k pre-seed funding
– 6 months coaching free coaching from one of our mentors
– Have our equity free fundraise raise for your business with no upfront fees
– Free access to all community resources, events and tools for 1 year

2nd & 3rd Place Winner
– 6 months coaching free coaching from one of our mentors
– Have our equity free fundraise raise for your business with no upfront fees for 6-9 months
– Free access to all community resources, events and tools for 1 year


Let Us Raise For You

Meet Our Equity-Free Fundraiser

Wanyi works in the 11th space Jakarta team who are an active hub in the Jakarta Startup ecosystem. He has been crucial in helping the startups in the 11th space accelerator programs get funding & has amassed a solid network of investors to help raise funds & cross expand businesses between Indo and Australia. Wanyi has recently helped Lean Lab raise

❤ Community

We tackle compounding mental health issues reactively addressed by organizations through sustainable emotional regulation and self-care

Better Mental Health & Wellness

Our holistic approach focuses on sustainable mental health and wellness through skill-building. We teach healthy coping mechanisms, self-care, and growth mindsets for facing life's challenges. You'll gain lasting habits and perspectives for emotional regulation and balance.

🤵👩‍⚕️mentors in your corner

We foster connectedness and resilience to change by facilitating meaningful relationships and cooperative challenges or projects

Improved Social Connectedness with Real Community

In our close-knit groups, you'll build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals passionate about creating positive change. Our cooperative challenges and reflection sessions lead to vulnerability, trust and lifelong bonds.

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Likeminded Driven Community

Personalised Next Steps for Business Growth

Fast Forward Decision Making

Tell us about yourself and your business. Then we’ll help you discover and learn what you and your business needs to flourish based on your founder journey, obstacles, goals and preferences (eg audio, video content etc). 

🔨 100s No-code tools, communities & Ai tools & platforms
✏️ Learn and discover book, podcasts, articles, video suggestions based on you stage 
🤝 Chat with our concierge startup coach to help you find what you need

Grow with a Real Community & Growth Clubs

Connet With Those Who Help You Flourish

Connect with your peers, investors, and mentor or coaches in our collaborative community with: 

  • Community Spaces: Create collaborative hubs for peers, investors, and mentors.
  • Public or Private Clubs: Facilitate discussions and feedback exchange.
    Growth Clubs
  • Connect with Domain Experts: Seek guidance from industry professionals.
  • Exclusive Events: Host both real-life and online gatherings.

Remember, active engagement and genuine connections drive success! 🚀🌟

Build Momentum With Support from Allies & More

Find or build your community of true supporters by either: 
– Adding Allies (true invested supporters of you and your business) to keep you accountable & share your progress milestones. E.g your coach, friends, family, investors.
– Finding like-minded founders to co-founders, partners, prospective investors, or supporters.


How It Works

🤝1. Step Inside & Share

Join the waitlist to save your spot, and share to improve your ranking. 

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Apply when applications open at 11:59 25 July. 

💪🏽 3. Grow Personally & Professionally

We deliver the workshops or programs based on you chosen approach. 


Who We Work With

Although we prioritise and gear our approach to migrants, we dont exclude non migrants if we have capacity. 

🧭 We’re industry agnostic

👔 You’re never too early.

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