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Free Startup Launch Checklist & Site Review in 5 Days

This checklist helps first time founders with a clear checklist roadmap. Gain feedback on your site from experts in 5 business days.

Ai Power Prompts, Startup Launch & Ready to Raise Guides

Discover battle tested Ai prompts, for marketing, sales, content creation and more. As well as our startup guides on launching & raising.

Fundraising Tracker, Funding Avenues Database & Tools

Discover new and existing funding avenues (programs, grants & scholarships). As well as the best curated tools for solo founders & teams, and our Fundraising Tracker to simplify raising.

A 20-Minute 1:1 Mentoring / Coaching Call or Review

Mentoring/Coaching Call: We will match you a coach based on your needs. Review: Get a free website or pitch deck review.

Unlock 6 Months of 1:1 Mentoring / Coaching

Tell us about your situation, goals and what kind of help you want, so we can match you with the right coach or mentor.

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